Shadley Taylor


Government Relations, Health Care and Property Management

Shadley Taylor

Shadley brings a diverse wealth of experience to our firm. While still in her twenties she successfully managed a helicopter logging operation in British Columbia. After that she went into health care where after becoming an LPN she helped different senior care homes in finding capable staff. Eventually she became an instructor teaching a new generation of nurses.

After deciding to take a break from nursing, Shadley then got into property management with both her own clients and then with Cornerstone Properties in Victoria. During this time she also worked on the Mike Geoghegan for Mayor campaign where she played a key role in assisting Mike including finding and securing a campaign office and helping to provide direction to other volunteers.

Shadley was able to seamlessly step into the role of Vice President of MGC Ltd. helping to ensure our diverse array of clients continue to receive first rate access to decision makers in both Victoria and Ottawa. Shadley is also a very experienced campaigner where she has helped organize, lead and participate in many door to door campaigns on behalf of various worthwhile causes.

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