Government Relations

Complex Issues Require Knowledgeable Professionals

There is a strange attitude that exists within both the private and public sector. The role of a government relations consultant, or to use the vernacular "a lobbyist" is seen as something that at best unnecessary and at worst unseemly.

Although there is no shortage of jokes about lawyers, the fact is that very few people would enter into a court or legal dispute without retaining one. (To be fair to our lawyer friends, see a joke about consultants). Similarly many people and most businesses retain an accountant to help them file their tax return.

In a simplistic world you wouldn't need a lawyer to represent you in court, or an accountant to help you complete your tax forms, or a government relations consultant to help you in your dealings with the provincial and federal government. But such a world does not exist and likely never will.

What is Lobbying?

Smart Business Professionals Hire Political Pros

Thus smart business professionals, who value their time, do not waste it trying to figure out what civil servants, political staff and elected officials they need to deal with on a particular given issue. They hire a professional firm to help guide them through the government maze and get them the results their business or professional association requires.

The challenge is to find a government relations professional who won't overcharge you and will actually get results. For example, many other government relations firms charge $300 or more an hour, while MGC charges only $250 an hour to our corporate clients and $200 an hour to associations, non-profits and First Nations. We are also willing to work within a monthly billing cap and to structure a contract that meets your needs and your financial situation.

Given our record of success MGC is also willing to consider in some cases reducing our up front fee in return for a success bonus. The fact is that, given our competitive rates and our results orientated focus, we are the most cost effective government relations firm in British Columbia.

Who Needs a Government Relations Consultant?

So who does need a government relations consultant? Potentially anyone doing business that finds themselves not getting the co-operation or attention they need from the provincial or federal government in order to succeed; as well as any professional association that is impacted by government regulation.

Best of all your initial consultation with MGC is absolutely free. If you feel that you have an issue that would benefit from our services, please contact us.

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