Bill Barlee, the former President of Barlee, Geoghegan & Associates, helped establish our firm's reputation for honesty and fair dealing. Whether as a businessman, cabinet minister, television host, or noted historian, Bill Barlee was always a person of strong integrity and high ethical values. That is why he was so well regarded by the public, the media and politicians of all political stripes.

As a cabinet minister he refused whenever possible to fly on government jets. Instead he clocked over 300,000 kms on his own vehicle driving from the Okanagan to the Interior and back again every week. After leaving cabinet in 1996, despite the precedent set by one of his cabinet colleagues, he waited two full years before working as a government relations consultant.

In the 2000 federal election, Bill Barlee resigned his position as President of Barlee, Geoghegan and Associates when he obtained the nomination to run federally in the riding of Kootenay-Boundary-Okanagan. Bill passed away in June of 2012. He is very much missed by all those who met him.

Statement of Principles

  • We will never take a new client if it will place us in a conflict of interest position with an existing client.
  • Our commitment is first and foremost always to our clients, thus we will never sell out a client in order to maintain or enhance our access to government.
  • All confidential information provided to us by our client remains confidential, regardless of how long or short the contractual arrangement with that client may last.
  • We never trap clients into lengthy retainers. All of our contractual arrangements provide a clause that allows our clients to terminate the contract with thirty days written notice.
  • We will always offer the best value for money of any government and/or media relations consulting firm in Canada.